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Error after update

hello i get this error after update to v9.03.20


Undefined index: thread_subject
Linje: 171 Fil -- infusions/forum/templates.php
På side -- infusions/forum/index.php?forum_id=3&view=subforums&viewforum
Oprettet af Bruger-Niveau: 0 -- IP:
slået til January 08 2020 18:41:00
Markér som
Kildekode (Linje: 161 - 181)
161 $l_html->set_template($l_file_path);
163 if (empty($data['forum_lastpost'])) {
164 $l_html->set_block('forum_no_lastpost', [
165 'message' => $locale['forum_0005']
166 ]);
167 } else {
168 $l_html->set_block('forum_lastpost', [
169 'avatar' => (!empty($data['last_post']['avatar']) ? $data['last_post']['avatar'] : ''),
170 'last_thread_link' => $data['last_post']['post_link'],
171 'last_thread_subject' => $data['thread_subject'],

Which forum version are you using? Are you able to print out $data for us?
is there a place to see what forum version you use?
it is the forum i have in php fusion v9.03.20

i run Version v2.0 forum

Please note, the error will only occur when using Subforums before this fix.
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