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Install on Synology 1219+

I've been trying to get this up and running on a Synology 1219+ and have had little success.

My webstation/packages are configured:
  • Php-fusion 9.03.20 (manual from zip)
  • Apache 2.4
  • PHP 7.3
  • MariaDB 10.3
  • phpMyAdmin (using php 5.6)

PHP 7.3 is configured with the gd, mysqli, and pdo_mysql

I found quite a few "gotchas" that caused me to have to restart, and each time I get a little farther, but still can't quite get there.
  1. The PDO doesn't seem to work at all, I just get a no database found error.
  2. The mysqli will only create the database on install if I edit my php 7.3 core config and change mysqli.default_socket to "/run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock"
  3. With the two above, I can get by the create database section, but then I get a 500 error. I found that after this step it was creating an .htaccess file that is for some reason blocking access to the site. I created a dummy .htaccess file before installation that is read-only and can now get past this.
  4. With the three above, I can get past the create database section (which does create a database) and into the Primary Admin details; however, filling in admin details does not create a user in the database!
  5. Every new attempt to try a fresh install requires me to flush my cookies/cache

So after all this I get an installation that will load a default home page, but I can't log in or do anything because there's no admin user. I even went so far as to "Register New User" which does create a new user request in the database, but with no admin user to log in and validate things, I'm just kind of in a stuck state. Also note that I've gone back to the install.php after the installation and selected to reset the super admin account, but all it will give me at this point is a completely blank page. I can only assume because there's no record to load from the database.

Any advice on what crucial piece I might be missing here and how to get the installer to create that admin user?
Check error log if you can see what parameter is failing to insert the Admin to user table.
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