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Upgrade From 7.02.07 to 8.00.23 Problems

After backing up both the files and database of my long used 7.02.07 version of my site, I uploaded the contents of the Upgrade_7.02.07_8.00.23 folder.

I signed in to the administration/system/ module and clicked on the Upgrade as directed to. It appeared that the database was being updated until my screen displayed the one work UPGRADE in the left hand corner of the page and nothing else was displayed.

Assuming the problem was the UTF-8 char issue, I changed the line in the upgrade.php file from disable = FALSE to disable = TRUE and refreshed the page. Very quickly after I did that, I received a message on the screen that there was no upgrade available. My screen now showed a different theme than I was using with my original 7.02.07 site.

I am assuming that the database was not updated and am curious as to what I should be doing at this point?
Upload all v8 files and see if it works, if not restore and do it from start by disabling the char conversion or if you can increase the scripts allowed run time.
Go to your $settings and put your "version" back to 7.00.00, that is the variable for upgrade detection.
I tried upgrading to the newest version (8.00.30) with the same result...there was no database update. The only thing I did not do is change the $settings to version 7.00.00. I had changed it to the version I am using 7.02.07. Is that the reason the database is not being updated?
No it should update from anything below current version. If your system says 8.00.40, then the database upgrade have passed.
If your site have scrabled chars you need the UTF-8 char conversion to run.
It said 8.00.30 (didn't know version 8.00.40 is available) and I am upgrading from version 7.02.07. So you're saying that the database has been updated from 7.02.07 even though it says no update is available?
No, naturally you must run the upgrade script. Make sure you place the file in correct folders and also use the correct file. Then enter admin and upgrade.

Another method is to do it all in localhost. Download and install Laragon, clone your live site and do the upgrade on the localhost for better performance.
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