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9.03.50 failed link addition

This version is great, almost no problems with adding links. I have had one failure and with that a question arose. As some one who is php shy or uneducated, is there a way to find out why this is occuring and not on Fusions part?????
It uses CURL to verify, I guess it can be if they mask their urls some wierd errors can happend. ( Hidden redirect etc ).
I use clickbank for my affiliate needs, so far onlu one link failed. Wonder if they have a weird redirect? I'll check to find out... Thanks Falk!
The reports from the core developer finding is that in our previous version, 9.0.0 - 9.0.3 is that your our verification of the link is using cURL to check whether the link was valid or not.

Now, during the check the cURL needs to return something when ping on the link provided. Problem is cURL could not read the link you've posted because that server returned a 301 header.

What is a 301 header? This means that that page is shown after being redirected permanently. In layman terms, the url provided when ping, redirect to another page before showing itself. Hence, cURL failed.

Ping www.google.com -> get -> www.google.com/index.html (response) = Status 200. OK
Ping www.google.com -> get -> www.google.com -> www.yahoo.com (response) = Status 301 NOT OK

Our fix was to accept Header with 200 response to anything less than 400 as our solution.
Anyways, we are the only CMS that does real time validation, realistic validation. Things are bound to happen for things that we have not encountered before. We are ready to take on any problems to make this the best modern CMS framework possible for all.
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