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New Problem w/Infusions Tab

Hey guys; I suddenly have a major problem on 4 of my websites. 3 different domains. Fusion ver9.03.20 and 9.03.40. Out of the clear blue my valid infusions that have been working great (and still do except no infusion/admin access), all my infusion images/links are no longer there when I click the infusions icon at the top of the admin panel. They were there before and no changes have been done so I am totally perplexed as to why. angry
Hey @Grimloch, as you are hosting with us, you can use the client area ticket system for software and hardware related question. We'll directly look into your server for you anytime you need.

What is the confirmed non-working/glitching infusion vs website url?
Firstly I am no longer hosted here; I use Fast Comet web host and it's the best one I've ever found.
You can not have been Hosted by us, we just opened it but perhaps on A2 .
While it is true that we rent A2´s best servers for our custom environment.
However our interfaces is very different for ease of use and the configurations / performance is top notch.
Anyway wanted to clarify that we do not resell their packs to their controlled servers, we have our own dedicated Hosting servers with our configured environments and back/front-end interfaces developed for customers to use it.

As for your issue, I truly do not know, as Chan mentioned would require a deeper look to understand.
One suggestion would be to Edit your user in phpmyadmin and make sure the right for the infusions are there under rights.
Yes I was on A2 for a while, didn't like their database restrictions I think is what prompted me to look elsewhere. Then I went to Hostwinds; another mistake. But since I have found Fast Comet I have never been more pleased with a hosting company. As for my problem I am trying to investigate further but haven't really found anything yet. I will eventually find the cause and when I do I'll report back here if it's fusion file related.
Strange thing. On my bonsai site I now have 2 of my infusions showing up when clicking the Infusions icon in admin. But to get that I defused and re-infused them. I don't understand why this should be. Those 2 didn't matter as far as user data recorded but I have 3 more that contain user inputted data and if I defuse them I will lose the info. Should I be able just to export the table data and then restore it in phpMyAdmin safely?
Yes import works to restore faulty database, but you need the full data import which was verified working.
I have a suspicion but impossible to confirm. On my bonsai site, the only thing that was done prior to noticing that none of my infusions were showing up anymore, was to upload 'install.php' and run it so I could reset my admin password. Is it possible that caused my problem somehow? If so that definitely needs to be fixed!

Edit: Well I confirmed the problem just not the cause but I suspect as stated before; I think maybe running 'install.php' again somehow changes/deletes some user rights in the users table. I exported the users table from my bonsai site and compared it to the exported users table from my main whisperwillow site and sure enough some user rights for infusions were missing in the whisperwillow users tablr for admin. So I added them back in and the missing infusions now show up properly. I had run 'install.php' again on my whisperwillow site a few days ago.

Edit: Confirmed a second time on my third website. Running install on a live site to restore admin passwords removes most infusion admin user rights from users table.
Wow that was fast! Fix applied to all systems. Thanks RobiNN. smile
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