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Upgrading to 9.03.40

This is where the upgrade stops. I was upgrading grimlochs-domain from 9.03.00 to 9.03.40. From Database Settings it jumped right over Primary Admin Details and stopped on Configure Core System. It's still at this point and I'm not sure what to do now.


BTW: My Filezilla is set to replace ALL uploaded files and I did upload ALL files before I tried the upgrade. Please help !!
I have the same problem.
1 / Attention! After copying all new folders and files (should have at least chmod 755) to 9.03.40 / 9.03.50 the ".htacces" file remains in the directory. If you turn it off with the _ mark, it will not work and the installation will start.
Try it!
If you have config_temp.php in your directory, it should run in Recovery mode.
Well, the database settings is all you will need to go through for upgrading.

In your url. add in "&session=1" to the last bit of the url, and it will bring you right back to step 1.

Click the Exist Installer. See if the site works.

This happens when there are some incompatible infusions. I would hope to get some report logs from you for this as none of the core devs had encountered it before.
OK. I closed the browser then re-opened the website; nothing but a white screen. So I deleted the config_temp.php file on the server and uploaded my original config.php and the website opened just fine. After logging in I opened php_info and my version was correct at 9.03.40... I did have a couple of old infusions (though not infused) in the infusions folder so you are probably right Chan. In the end everything is fine with my website.
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