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Hi guys,

I use v9 from 3-4 month and i see some problems is possible that 1 of them to be a bug.

1.) IMAGE in news and maybe on blogs
I write a new contens news and i have image that i want to use on galery, on server (don't need to upload a new image) i chose Image with function Insert/edit Image on content and Save. On Homepage when i am look ar short new ia appared category image and not image that i want to use. Why?
If i upload a new image from pc everything work good. A solution can be to delete image that i want to use from server, from gallery and upload again on new content but i think that isn't normal this.
Can have a simple solution for this?

2.) At news and blogs article how can activate or manage panels that are right? how can put a panel on top or down?

3.) In footer i write some content on setting and i chose a logo and can't center text. Logo is center but text is left, what must to do for fix this?

About upgrade i insert analitycs code on includesfooter_includes.php and every time when i make upgrade must to put it again. On homapage i put 6 news and 6 blogs and when make upgrade must to modify... Can find a simple solution for this or must to make all chenge after every upgrade?

Thanks a lot.
1. check this

2. I assume you are using Magazine theme. Panels are disabled in this theme because it doesn't look good.

3. copyright text is in left, on right side are social links, in middle is logo.
You can edit it here https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fusion/blob/Andromeda/themes/Magazine/classes/Main.inc#L101-L159
At 1 where i can find that?
It is down right when editing or creating news items.
Yes but this is work just if i upload a new image, i can't choise an existing image from gallery...maybe because i user magazine theme?
You have all previous News Images in the droplist, Gallery is for current News items. Also if you enable TinyMCE you will have a file handler to insert older images from any image directory.
Falk attached the following image:
I make all change but not work, maybe isn't possible to make this in fusion.
Is ok i will delete old image from gallery and i will upload again with same name in new article and everything work good.
RobiNN AT 2. I assume you are using Magazine theme. Panels are disabled in this theme because it doesn't look good.

I need to activate a panel in right with same text and a banner is possible?
Also i need a panel with a banner under post title and subtitle, can make this?
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