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SFS code into user reg to check against spam db

I remember years ago when I had website up back in the V7 days. (I went away for awhile and now down the rabbit hole again I go as I am back) there was some code you could put in the register.php that would check the user inputs against the stop forum spam db.

e-mail and or IP was in the SFS db reg denied, else reg continues as normal.

with all the changes to fusion since I last used it is this still possible?
no it wasn't a panel. it was a actual code edit to register.php i believe.

the code would check the input of the e-mail and check with spam db. if spam = 1 deny else ok.

granted this was a decade or so ago lol. so its possible with all the changes from then till now it may be gone.

that panel was made in 2011, will it even work on V9?
I also founds this one: https://github.com/lelebart/PHP-Fusion-Stop-Forum-Spam/blob/master/file/infusions/stop_forum_spam_panel/stop_forum_spam_panel.php

But all the other links are gone.

Old stuff will not work on V9 without adaption
yeah the other link seems like the panel that is already on here.

I been away for a long long time so much has changed, its been about a decade for me.

getting close. lol.

the code I remember was an edit to register.php or something in the registration files. would do would check when user attempted reg. it would run the input field e-mail on a db check of SFS if e-mail listed deny reg else allow. this had to been 2010'ish so a long time ago lol.

once i get my site back up with the stuff it needs to have, i'll start really looking into the code and see how much things have changed.
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