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Ssl error on php fusion 9

helo i have instaled the latest php fusion i have artemis theme ai set site protocol to https:// i have ssl but worg gest on admin panel if i go on main web site still give me that is not secure i check all the link and alll start with https://.......home.php etc and i don`t now what to do
Please read the errormessage. It could be you have links to non ssl source on your site. e.g. images or iframe
SSL error is usually on server level. If you have installed on root folder, www/

For most of the hosting environment, your site settings should be:

Talk to your hosting provider. Give this information if they ask.

Site Protocol: Https://
Site URL: www.your-site.com
Site Path: /
Site Port: --blank--

Turn off SEF and Permalink during this until you are done with your SSL problems.
view source in browser, if anything links to http and not https that will be the culprit.
He’s is getting ssl error (site is not secured black screen - understand and proceed on own safety) on his site. If I read correctly.

At software level, Having non https link in the site content is not culprit. You can even have Invalid link in your site and it won’t break a thing.


Or a non SSL Link of this site:


- which will not break this site SSL.

His ssl is wrongly set up. grin That is if I read his post correctly. Have the hosting provider look it up.
I did not read anything about an halt, just not secure. Can mean anything really. But I take it as a non secure locker or partially not 100%. Which can mean bad includes. Anyway. For the user, try : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/hosting/...hp?hosting and we could fix it if nothing else !
you have right when i add a image on the footer from admin panel save mi the picture with http i change that and now it`s perfect tanks
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