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Links [URL] and [IMG] on the php-fusion 8.00.23 news page

I have in PHP-Fusion 8.00.23, BBcode does not work in the news.
I do not know how it should be, maybe they should not work by default, and I need to edit the files.
There is bbcode_include.php in submit.php https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fus...it.php#L21

I tried editing line 65 in news.php https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fus...ws.php#L65
I added parseubb. Did so:
nl2br(parseubb(stripslashes($data['news_news']))) : parseubb(stripslashes($data['news_news']))));

This does not work for me. How to make html BBcode Url and Img work in the news?
In the Admin panel, I turned on the BBcode URL, it was previously disabled for me. Maybe I still need somewhere to turn it on?
For the test, I use this code:
<p>[ URL=http://vfl.ru/fo tos/2b0ebb3f29586832.html ][ IMG ]http ://images.vfl. ru/ii/1581787026/2b0ebb3f/29586832_m. png[ /IMG ][ /URL ]</p>

News does not support BBcodes. Only HTML.
Btw. I recommend updating to the latest version 8.00.40.


Btw. I recommend updating to the latest version 8.00.40.

I know about elFinder vulnerability and new improvements. But at the moment, it’s easier for me to restore the site from the backup if a hacking occurs than to update now.


News does not support BBcodes. Only HTML.

Very sorry. I wanted to try the old Polarfox development, BBcode URL redirection http://unlogic.info/forum/viewthread....p;pid=1018
I need coding of links for the ad unit that I wanted to show in the news and articles.
in news.php, you can add parseubb to
 $news_news = preg_split("/<!?--\s*pagebreak\s*-->/i", $data['news_breaks'] == "y" ? nl2br(stripslashes($data['news_extended'] ? $data['news_extended'] : $data['news_news'])) : stripslashes($data['news_extended'] ? $data['news_extended'] : $data['news_news']));

Thanks Falk for the tip. I tried to edit this line that contains preg_split. https://github.com/php-fusion/PHP-Fus...s.php#L121 To no avail.
Now I found that in my Administration / BBcode section, [Url] does not work there either.
I have never tested it in this section.
In this section, does the [Url] check work for you, or is it just me?
zizub attached the following image:
I figured out BBcode in the admin panel, validation now works well. This mistake was on my side.
But in the news, [Url] still doesn't want to work.
I try two methods for inserting links. 1 - I create a panel with html code. 2 - I insert the html code into the news.php file
All without result.
zizub attached the following image:
bbcodeer.jpg bbcodes.jpg
Try add a html_entity_decode before parsing through parseubb
html_entity_decode - also doesn't work for me.
My lines 65 and 121 in news.php now look like this:
$news_news = preg_replace("/<!?--\s*pagebreak\s*-->/i", "", ($data['news_breaks'] == "y" ? nl2br(html_entity_decode(parseubb(stripslashes($data['news_news'])))) : html_entity_decode(parseubb(stripslashes($data['news_news'])))));

$news_news = preg_split("/<!?--\s*pagebreak\s*-->/i", $data['news_breaks'] == "y" ? nl2br(html_entity_decode(parseubb(stripslashes($data['news_extended'] ? $data['news_extended'] : $data['news_news'])))) : html_entity_decode(parseubb(stripslashes($data['news_extended'] ? $data['news_extended'] : $data['news_news']))));

In the news itself, a link like [URL] works. If I paste into a text editor, through the Admin / Add News panel.

$data['news_extended'] = html_entity_decode(parseubb($data['news_extended']), ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
$data['news_news'] = html_entity_decode(parseubb($data['news_news']), ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8');
$news_news = preg_split("/<!?--\s*pagebreak\s*-->/i", $data['news_breaks'] == "y" ? nl2br(stripslashes($data['news_extended'] ? $data['news_extended'] : $data['news_news'])) : stripslashes($data['news_extended'] ? $data['news_extended'] : $data['news_news']));

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