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How to fix preg_replace error in php7

How to fix old php code that no longer works in php7.
I know that preg_replace() was outdated and the /e modifier doesn't work anymore in php7.
Here is the old code:
$text = preg_replace('#\[url=([\r\n]*)([^\s\'\"]*?)\](.*?)([\r\n]*)\[/url\]#sie', "'<a href=\'".$pathto."'.base64_encode('http://\\2').'\' rel=\'nofollow\' target=\'_blank\' title=\'\\2\'>\\3</a>'", $text);

I am trying to fix it like this:
$text = preg_replace_callback('#\[url=([\r\n]*)([^\s\'\"]*?)\](.*?)([\r\n]*)\[/url\]#si', function ($m) use($pathto) {$link = $m[2]; return "<a href='$pathto".base64_encode('http://\\2').'\' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' title='$link'>"\\3</a>';}, $text);

My code is incorrect and causes an error.
I don’t know how to fix

As well as

Can someone give an example of fixing this code?
Basically, I want to understand the principle of link encryption using base64_encode, as well as how to use urlencode in php-fusion.
Now I'm trying to fix an old Polarfox mod http://unlogic.info/forum/viewthread....read_id=29 This mod no longer works in php7.
All popular cms have similar plugins for redirecting external links through the go.php page, with encoded links to remove htpps: // and domain_name.com
I just want to keep this mod in order to take the code as a basis in the future.
Now on the site, I use go.php made according to this instruction https://tutorialzine.com/2013/12/quic...nes-of-php
For future plans, I want to try to modify the go.php that I use. My task is to cut out htpps: // and domain_name.com in normal links for go.php without using the bbcode [url] and [img] tags.
The suggested options in this thread https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...d_id=40062 do not work for me.
Try this

$text = preg_replace('#\[url=([\r\n]*)([^\s\'\"]*?)\](.*?)([\r\n]*)\[/url\]#si', '<a href=\'http://\2\' target=\'_blank\' title=\'\2\'>\3</a>', $text);

RobiNN, - Thank you for participating. I think I managed to fix the part of the code that is responsible for hiding http:// and encryption. There, small errors remain associated with different settings. I don’t need them yet, so I didn’t fix them.

Now I have a different question. How can I use this ... I need this encryption code for ad units. I'm a little at a loss. Need to think. Can you advise something.
Here is a sample code that I got in order to fix the deprecated preg_replace () function and / e modifier. Maybe someone will come in handy.
$text = preg_replace_callback(
 function ($m) use($pathto) {
 $link = $m[2].$m[3];
 return "<a href='$pathto"
 ."' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' title='$link'>"
 .trimlink($link, 20)
 .(strlen($link)>30?substr($link, strlen($link)-10, strlen($link)):'')

And here is the old code, for comparison.
$text = preg_replace('#\[url\]([\r\n]*)(http://|ftp://|https://|ftps://)([^\s\'\"]*?)([\r\n]*)\[/url\]#sie', "'<a href=\'".$pathto."'.base64_encode('\\2\\3').'\' rel=\'nofollow\' target=\'_blank\' title=\'\\2\\3\'>'.trimlink('\\2\\3', 20).(strlen('\\2\\3')>30?substr('\\2\\3', strlen('\\2\\3')-10, strlen('\\2\\3')):'').'</a>'", $text);

There are two more lines of code that are becoming outdated, and I don't know how to fix them.
$guest_msg = '[ link is hidden ] ( <a href=\''.BASEDIR.'register.php\'><u>registration</u></a> | <a href=\''.BASEDIR.'login.php\'><u>input</u></a> )';

$pathto = ($friendlyurl?BASEDIR.$friendlypath.'?':INCLUDES.'bbcodes/url_bbcode_include.php?');

I have a warning like this:


Warning: Use of undefined constant INCLUDES - assumed 'INCLUDES' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP)

If I understand correctly, I need to put quotation marks, but it doesn’t work out for me to do it correctly. Can you help?
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