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Change ver9 Admin Password timeout duration How?

I saw a post about this somewhere but can't find it now. It is REALLY bothersome to be doing an edit in the admin panel on ver9 and have to re-enter admin password after hitting Submit on your edit. You lose everything and have to start over. How can I change the timeout duration on 9.03.50?

Edit: I know that it can be extended because I remember that from the other post that I cannot find.
Timeout? We do not have this in the administration. Only users have to wait a few seconds before subimt. This time can change in Security Settings -> Flood interval
Whatever you want to call it RobiNN... when you login to the Admin Panel the first time you have to enter your admin password. Depending on what you are doing in the admin section and the length of time you are there, sometimes you are required to re-enter your admin password. Whether that is cookie control or session control I'm not sure but I am sure that I saw a post somewhere in these forums that address increasing a time increment somewhere that will change that to a more reasonable length of time.
Does no one else have any input on this?
Has to be somewhere in /includes/classes/phpfusion/authenticate.inc.

Search for $cookieExpiration
Is it here?
line 99:

if (($user['user_status'] == 3 && $user['user_actiontime'] < time()) || $user['user_status'] == 7) {
 dbquery("UPDATE ".DB_USERS." SET user_status='0', user_actiontime='0' WHERE user_id='".$user['user_id']."'");

Thanks guys; I found it.
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