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Should I learn PHP? Why do many say it is bad?

What about PHP is bad? Can someone point out the difference between PHP and C/C++ or Java to illustrate why PHP is considered worse than them. I know PHP is web only but is that the reason why it is considered bad?
PHP have about 60% marketshare of all websites atm.
You can do Desktop apps with PHP , google it.

I bet there are people who claim basic is still the best way to go.. will always be people with their opinions about anything but PHP´s marketshare speaks for it self.

We won´t compare uncomparable languages, each have their area. This forum is for PHP-Fusion and if you are going to work with PHP-Fusion, PHP is the natural way to go here.
PHP was generally considered bad due to the unavailability of language extensions and there are no bridges to other languages so communication interface wasn't good, a better choice for extensiveness is Phython or Go for performance or ASP can communicate with C+ language software etc. Also PHP's runtime is after parse on page load, unlike other languages where they will run 24/7 backend, so it's sluggish in comparison.

However, PHP has extensions to work with SQL and can be extended with napalm, composer, nowadays, and therefore has a rather robust community. PHP 8 is going to be released soon to give every software designed with PHP a massive 30% performance increment on top of op_cache, which most of the site can benefit from.

But like Falk stated, PHP is the main reason why PHP-Fusion exists and is the most popular language for doing things for the web. If you're into web development, and is interested with PHP-Fusion CMS, you will need to learn PHP. However, that will not stop you from learning other programming languages.
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