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I need working httpd.conf for latest wampserver and the latest php-fusionwith all the defualts in.

its the only way  i will learn this. in the defualt httpd.conf there is this section:

# Deny access to the entirety of your server's filesystem. You must
# explicitly permit access to web content directories in other 
# <Directory> blocks below.
<Directory />
    AllowOverride none
    Require all denied

so i have to allow access to all content some how,? tell me there is an easy way
how  would i allow access to register, i cant even register my dev machine, i try and it cant find the page.  I try to register dev machine  manually with admin account and it says the dev login and mail are already taken.

so yes i was sposed tto get a email but nothing was sent i dont know whats going on, php-fusion 7 came to me in a repack of world of warcraft and used it for years, theres an idea! someone should make a repack of this fantastic web server that works right out of the box. think of that market value (ya no not some one i mean the fusion owners smile

But really i retired this yr i do not want to learn php i just want to keep running my free and add free web site to serve and play all my fav games or mmo's.
Try https://laragon.org/ we use it for development.
thanks, i have a good system that runs Asheron's call currently, flawlessly. (my top game )  I dont think it  would be wise for me to to try somthing else.

I just need to see a working httpd.conf so i can figgure out what im doing for sure on the web, i have always been a modder not a creater

Do you need more sites to operate on your server? or is Fusion not running on our default config?
fusion is not running by default , for other users, it works perfecly on the local host machine

i only have to get fusion going and i can then put up custom pages for the game servers i run ( forums ,downloads ,ect)

noescape.sytes.net is the syte. it needs to let users register ( i dumbed down the security as far as  fusion  admin  panel lets me 

Check your unactivated users Administration > Users, Filters , Check Unactive, one called admin should be there.  Seemed ok to me.

Falk attached the following image:
dont i feel silly! looks as if i just need to learn the new toys. Dev machine can now log in .

Thank you.


Do you need more sites to operate on your server? or is Fusion not running on our default config?
i had to  edit the vhost config it was only letting  server machine connect to syte
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