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Dev machine is on lan with server machine, it connects but

Dev machine is on lan with server machine, it connects but,
when i try to go any where else on the site  i get  "it took the site to long for the site to respond,  then in a sec it goes to where i was headed, sometimes, sometimes it just lags out, any  ideas? thanks

found this while  looking around , only thing i recall doing is looking at my options with admin

 WARNING: An error occurred while parsing the page. Please see PHP-Fusion's Error Log for more details.
noescape attached the following image:
We can't see your error log. Click the icon next to the eye. It copies the error and all the necessary info. Then paste it here.

And btw we provide support for PHP-Fusion not for wamp or other servers, also in the DEV team we use laragon. 
[*]i have two errors, sorry if posting in the wrong area

1, Undefined index: HTTP_HOST
2, Use of undefined constant COOKIE_DOMAIN - assumed \'COOKIE_DOMAIN\' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP)

Use Laragon, it will not cause these issues.  Super simple to get started with it.

ya i cant get nothing done on the server with out the dev machine, so i  see, i am testing the Laragon now on dev machine.
ok i get the same errors on laragon as i do for wampserver, fusion will not connect the dev machine , i have  fiber optics it should not take to long to respond. i dont know 
asheron's call transfered every thing and runs on laragon perfectly also im  going to go test some other apps

It must be something on your local network tho, bottleneck, 3d party app on port blocking or similar. Did the errors displayed earlier go away with laragon?
yes i think u are right , i googled  att (new isp) and lan not connecting to webserver and see im not the first . I will try some other things  when i get time.
Now i know more then before 
ok if i use (local ip) i can connect to webserver with dev machine and use super admin to edit syte on server  smile
this works for both  wampserver and laragon  with no errors

thanks for the help
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