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Upgrading from v7.02.07

Hello. So I've neglected my site for a few years. What is the best way to get up to day with the current version on PHP-Fusion? 

I currently have Php-Fusion v7.02.07 installed on two sites using the old multisite feature. 

I posted here in Version 8 because I figured it was the first step. 

Thank you!
Thanks! I'll read that. I don't really have the knowledge to do anything on a local machine. 

Also, is there a reason I would prefer 8 or 9 over the other? Is one becoming obsolete?
If you have many Addons / Themes that you want to keep and still use, 8 is the choice.  You can turn of Bootstrap support and make any v7 Theme work in 8. Infusions is also 100% compatible.
Naturally those Themes/Infusions with older PHP codes and hardcoded SQL queries will not work very well on higher PHP version systems since MySQL has been phased out and PDO / MySQLi is the new standard.
But these things really has nothing to do with the CMS in it self, simply outdated codes and a heads up, good to know.

We will Keep 8 working in later environments. But most future development is done to 9 and beyond. Never say never, but atm we have no larger plans for 8.

You can see the initial release notes for 8 here : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...admore=624
You can see the initial release notes for 9 here : https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...admore=614
Thanks for your advice. I think i'll just leave it all in the past and use v9. 

I have running into an error though. 

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare rrmdir ...... previously declared in core_functions_include.php:2228   I'm not sure what all this code means. Is this an easy fix?
I apologize. I am not very computer savvy. What am I supposed to do? Thank you.

The full error "
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare rrmdir() (previously declared in ../includes/core_functions_include.php:2228) in ../upgrade/upgrade_functions_include.php on line 21"
Ooooooh. I see. I needed to use a different upgrade file?

Edit: Hey! Thanks a lot! I think it's working and should from now on. Thanks a lot you're awesome!

I wish I had knowledge to return the favor or help someone else out. 
Thank you! 
So I got everything updated I think. My maiin site is working fine, but I use the multi site feature. I share users, custom pages, user groups, etc. It's messing up on the other site. Is there something special I need to do? They have the same database and I upgraded one and it worked fine, when I upgraded the other one the previous one has a whole bunch of errors. 
See Admin > Settings > Main Settings > Domain servers. Enable all domains on each site. Including and begining with Current URL for each base domain. So here : http://vivalavoltz.com
First line in Registered Domain Names would be http://vivalavoltz.com Press enter for each new domain ( New line ). 

Thank  you, Faul. I will try that. 

This is the error I'm getting "Warning: Use of undefined constant fusionMAIN_ - assumed 'fusionMAIN_' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /home1/mugenjo1/public_html/vivalavoltz/1rf/includes/multisite_include.php on line 51"

Except it's an error for every DB_PREFIX I have shared on the multisite_include

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