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Multisite questions with v9

I have upgraded from v7 to v9 after a couple of years. Can anyone tell me what is different about the multisite feature?

I've noticed that the multisite_includes doesn't have an option for forums. Is that option totally gone? I don't understand how everything has changed. 
There seem to be some forum categories that I can't see. Am I missing a setting or something? 

Is the cookie_prefix related to multisite? 
If I want to be logged on using the same user DBprefix on multiple sites without logging off, is that possible? 

Should all of my sites have a subdomain or can one of them have the domain.tld and the rest be subdomain.domain.tld, sub2.domain.tld, etc. 

Thank you for any advice!

So Multisite breakdowns,

Installl 1 site. 1.com
Install 2nd site 2.com

Now, the sites specific config have new db_prefix for each sites content.
multisite_include.php defines what to share and not.
Adjust config.php for each site to share cookie prefixes for user database sharing. ( Must be the same ).

If shared, all except avatars/images/files will be shared. The system is not perfect in that sense.

When it comes to missing forums, enter Administration and check the rights. Some rights might require an oversight after Upgrade.

When it comes to missing definition,
You can complete the list with anything you missed with information from infusions/INFUSION/infusion_db.php
Since all the previous Core "Infusions" have been lifted out to be optional real Infusions.

For forum example,

if (!defined("FORUM")) {
 define("FORUM", INFUSIONS."forum/");
if (!defined("RANKS")) {
 define("RANKS", FORUM."ranks/");

if (!defined("DB_FORUM_ATTACHMENTS")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_ATTACHMENTS", DB_PREFIX."forum_attachments");
if (!defined("DB_FORUM_POLL_OPTIONS")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_POLL_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_options");
if (!defined("DB_FORUM_POLL_VOTERS")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_POLL_VOTERS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_voters");
if (!defined("DB_FORUM_POLLS")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."forum_polls");
if (!defined("DB_FORUM_POSTS")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_POSTS", DB_PREFIX."forum_posts");
if (!defined("DB_FORUM_RANKS")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_RANKS", DB_PREFIX."forum_ranks");
if (!defined("DB_FORUM_THREAD_NOTIFY")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_THREAD_NOTIFY", DB_PREFIX."forum_thread_notify");
if (!defined("DB_FORUM_THREADS")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_THREADS", DB_PREFIX."forum_threads");
if (!defined("DB_FORUM_VOTES")) {
 define("DB_FORUM_VOTES", DB_PREFIX."forum_votes");

Thanks for your help. As I said before I really appreciate it. 

I understood most of the prefix questions you answered. 

So I can have 1.site.com 2.site.com 3.site.com but I should avoid the regular site.com? and config.phph for each site needs to be the same cookie_prefix? Got it. 

You kind of lost me when it comes to FOrum definitions. This is custom code I need to enter? 
I figured out what you're talking about the with infusions_db. Easy enough. 

I also had to go into the database admin itself and change persmissions manually on many forums and then assigned them how I wanted in the admin panel. Also not a big deal. Just glad it was easy. 

The only issue I'm really having now is one of the sites I can't log on at all. I hit enter and it's like you never even tried. Doesn't even say invalid password or anything. I did change this from "site.com" to "sub1.site.com"  Edit: FIXED. Thanks
I hate posting three times in a row like this but I figured this was appropriate since it's an upgrade issue from 2 days ago. 

I noticed private messages aren't appearing after the upgrade. They are intact in the database, just not showing up. I also can't send any private messages. Settings for private messages also aren't being saved. 

Any ideas?
Looking in to it. Stay tuned.
Thanks a lot. I went into furthur detail on that other thread. I'm not sure if you saw it. 
Let me get this right, all your OLD PMs are not visual in inbox / outbox etc? , or is this an issue with new PMs from old Infusions / Coded PM system for 7?, Then it is our PM function that is new for 9 and requires 1 more field.
Correct. All old PMs from v7 are not visible in the inbox, outbox and new ones can't be send because of the missing field, I assume. 
We are looking in to it.
Ok. Thank you. I will be patient. 
Quick fix, open phpmyadmin, then open SQL in the top bar and paste this code. Of course don't forget to change the PREFIX to yours
UPDATE PREFIX_messages SET message_user=message_to;

Hey! That seems to have worked so far. I can see the messages. Some users are having a problem with sending a message though or unsaving a message. 

If you click send nothing happens. Not even an error code. 

But that SQL command you gave me worked to update the message_user. I just had to delete the first part since message_user was already there. Thank you for that. 

Any idea why messages wouldn't be sending?

EDIT: If you hit the send button a few times it will eventually send. I received a flood message. 

"0 redirect(messages.php) called at [.../includes/classes/PHPFusion/PrivateMessages.inc:771] #1 PHPFusion\PrivateMessages->do_send() called at [.../includes/classes/PHPFusion/PrivateMessages.inc:580] #2 PHPFusion\PrivateMessages->View() called at [.../messages.php:21] redirected to messages.php"

EDIT 2: Looks like when the previous sites were updates tables weren't created in settings to address saved pms, outbox, inbox, etc. I'm gonna attempt to add them now
The send issue can be connected to Custom PM system in Darkcore, looking in to it.


If you hit the send button a few times it will eventually send. I received a flood message.

We have flood control for members (admins are not affected) and by default you have to wait 15s before submit. In Security Settings you can turn off flood control or decrease interval.
I see that. Thank you. I'm just more concerned about needing to hit the send button multiple times. 
We found a work-around,
Go to Admin > Settings > Security , Set flood control to 1 sec.
The issue seems to be that Flood triggers somewhere, even before a member have done something to trigger flood control, esp when replying to PMs. No other areas seems to have the issue.

Edit: Issue found,
PM is often fast. You leave a note, reply with a smile or just say OK, thnx! etc !
When checked on defender level, it also cross-checked when form was created for reply.  This is redundant, since the checks is and should be done on demand in each area where it maybe excusable. 
The fix will be included for next revision. 9.03.90, release is just around the corner.
I have done that edit to the token.php file. time will tell if it fixes it. 

Is there a way to be alerted when a new update for php-fusion is released? I have a bad habit of missing them. 


time will tell if it fixes it. 

I am quite confident that it is fixed smile
When you enter Admin, a notice will pop letting you know when a new version is available.
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