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Child Pages in Custom Pages

I have a page (Menu) say, I have many child pages from that so I made menu the "Parent" page and all the others are no longer in the visable links for repair etc.  I've tried all the included admin themes with out luck. Any ideas on how to fix it?
Sorry I do not follow, did the child pages in Custom pages poof or did the menu poof?
When you normally use custom pages it appears as:

Then, when I set those 3 pages as having the menu as the parent, they do not appear in the main area....
If you use site_links and set childs you see them upon entering the Main category for the childs
Sorry Falk, brain dead today... Can't locate it in the site link menu...
In the sublinks counter, for menu. Do you see it count?
No, there is nothing listed there in the sublinks counter, which was right in front of my face and it took forever to find it!!!
You need to check the database, sitelinks and see if they are there somewhere, maybe lost Id or so
Set up a new menu page, added two custom pages to it, and it's a no show in site links counter.
You need to take a look at the site links database, perhaps show a screen of the structure, Also are you on latest version?
Latest version is installed...waiting for a reply from my host as to why I can;t find the database I'm using....maybe there is a problem there....
I have some screensotes for you to view..

First on is where I setup both pages making the menu a site link


The second one is after changing the "page1" to use Menu as the parent

http://www.mypleasuredomebbs.info/falk/afterputting page1 under menu.png

And last is the counter after all this:


Hope this helps Falk...
1, Enter site links
2, Click on Test Menu
3, Add site link 
4, Select Test Menu as parent
5 Make sure it matches test menu as navigation panel only.
6, Give it name and url to your custom page. ( viewpage.php?page_id=1 ) ID of page is the number.

Finally make sure your pages is set to publish.
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