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Calendar infusion error

Hi, I'm on a brand new install of the latest PHP-Fusion, and am trying to add awEventCalendar. I uploaded its two folders into the Infusions directory, and now have an error in the Infusions section of my admin panel, as follows (I removed the full path names):

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_query() in ....../infusions/aw_ecal_panel/include/core.php:85 Stack trace: #0 ...../infusions/aw_ecal_panel/ff/db_update.php(18): require_once() #1 ......./infusions/aw_ecal_panel/infusion.php(29): include('...') #2 ...../includes/classes/PHPFusion/Installer/Infusion.core.inc(243): include('...') #3 ..../administration/infusions.php(43): PHPFusion\Installer\Infusion_Core::load_infusion('aw_ecal_panel') #4 {main} thrown in ...../infusions/aw_ecal_panel/include/core.php on line 85
I might not be much help, but did you infuse them on the admin panel?
I'm unable to because that's where I'm getting the error. :-/
First, It is a v7 Infusion.
Then we have this, mysql_query. It contains hardcoded mysql calls to a non supported mysql function that was removed from PHP 7.++ , That is why we updated PHP-Fusion to 8. But older Infusions that did not utilize PHP-Fusions built-in Database functions need to be recoded.

Thank you Falk. Is there documentation somewhere on updating older infusions, or could you give guidance, so I could change the code myself to try to get the calendar working?
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