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Php basics

Just a quick question. I don't know a lot about php and I'm trying to learn. Not sure where I should post this question.

How did the php-fusion system know where to fine things that are require_one like "THEMES" "INCLUDES" "INFUSIONS", etc.

I understand where they point, but how does the system know that THEMES is in ..basdir/themes?

Thanks for any help.
Defined in includes/core_constants_include.php
Thank you. So I assume when an infusion is installed that its constants (is that what they're called) are defined in the infusion folder?

EDIT: I think I found it. It's defined in infusion_db?
So for the forum in fusion /infusions/forum/index.php confuses me. 

I want to do some editing to the forum. How does it's index.php know what to grab? What is "FORUM_EXISTS"? Where is its 'constant'?
It is generated automatically depending on which infusions you have installed. Each installed infusion has its own *_EXISTS constant. E.g. SHOUTBOX_PANEL_EXISTS, BLOG_EXISTS, NEWS_EXISTS..
if (defined('BLOG_EXISTS')) {
// Content is only visible if Blog is installed.

We do not recommend editing core files, especially if you do not know PHP. In next update, forum will have a completely new design.
I see. 

In the V7 of php-fusion I had my site's forums cusomized. Each site had its own forum prefix but then below it I had a shared prefix visible on all sites. 

So main site had main forums and sub sites had their own separate forums but still had the main forum visible. 
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