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SUBSTR in MySQL problem

Hey guys. I have a problem in a select query that I haven't been able to solve.
Scenario: db field = post_date (string) values are: 09/12/2020 etc etc etc
I'm trying to do this: substr('post_date',0,2) LIKE '09%' ... this doesn't work and neither does this WHERE post_date LIKE '09%'
What I need to do is get only the records that have a 'post_date' of '09' (September). Any help would be appreciated as always.
Sorry that doesn't work either; you see, post_date is NOT a date field it's a varchar field. But I'll try that on the posted field which is a date field.
Doesn't work on the posted field either which is epoch date.
Sure do need some help with this one. Anyone else willing to try?
use substr and like with LIKE '%$val%' format on the month or change how it is stored.

That doesn't work for me either. I guess I will just abandon this idea. The reason for doing it this way was to make pagination work right.
I have another question. How can this code line from my calendar script REFUSE to acknowledge the "A" tag and "LINK" ??
if(0 != $dayOfWeek) {
echo "<td style='text-align:center; font-size:12px; color:#000; background:#ddd;'><a class='cats' href='single_post.php?topic_id=".$topic."'>$dayOfWeek</a></td>\n";
No matter which browser I use the link WILL not show up for the calendar days. I do not understand why.
issue is prolly here, if(0 != $dayOfWeek) {
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