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Premium Partner Program

Last updated on 8 days ago
Posted 12 days ago

We have a strong support of 'original PHPFusion' ideas, and we somehow would like to have a badge of 'Fusion V8 Premium' supporter, I mean we could consider joining some kind of elite sponsor program, and i.e. pay 150 EUR / mo (200 USD/mo). And we would agree that i.e. 1/3 would go to V10 and so on, but 2/3 for V8. As V6-V7 was very light, and fully self-hosted.
Posted 11 days ago
Sorry for the confusion here on Main, two mixed versions and not much works as it should here atm. We will start the pure v9 Core transition tomorrow and go under Maintain over the weekend. 

It makes me really happy to see your passion for v8. A lot of love was put down to make it real.  From my personal point of view it has the best and most useful features from our early v9 and v6/v7 without bloating the system nor giving it performance hits. Quite happy with the results.

I have a native Admin Tools section planned for v8 and 9 ,  Over 50% completed.. Containing Database Optimiser, Malicious code scanner ( It scans for malicious evals and other known trojans in image files etc etc etc.  ) and a IP LookUP function connected to UserIP as well as manual checks, it displays user history and so forth, actually based on that former User Control system that was very popular but quite bloated. This only have essentials. 

Things are indeed planned and in the making, but we have not been in any rush, esp since the very unfortunate mixup of versions here on Main that needs to be settled so the Forums / Marketplace / Profile / PM etc etc starts to operate as expected.

We do have a Corporate Partner Program where the terms was planned to be as you say, agreed subscription.  A paid alternative where we get sponsored and try to meet wishes of the sponsors. I do not mind renaming it to Elite Partner Program if you want.  https://www.php-fusion.co.uk/infusion...rtners.php

Lets also talk about that archive of thusands of Addons for v6/v7v8. If we really want to breath more life in to v8, a very good start would be to give a lot of Addons more public exposure. 

Please join discord https://discord.gg/Xc8q7puG and friend me or use Skype add jofa662 , and we can talk more. Our official mails get 50+ mails per box a day so it is easy to miss some mails now and then there.
Edited by Falk on 08-01-2021 20:16, 10 days ago
Falk attached the following image:
tools_1.png tools_2.png tools_3.png tools_4.png tools_5.png
Posted 8 days ago
I replied to your PM, but even with current site (V9) it is a mess. It does not says that message is send, outbox is still shows 0. I don't get the point why the outbox is 47 messages. It should have 3500 messages, just security limitation of max messages per hour / day / year. I open a conversation, and i don't see a conversation. While it is named 'conversation'.
Posted 8 days ago
Calling it a mess is a tad exaggerated.. But sure lacks logic here and there. All in due time! Our list of things to adjust is long.

That particular thing was actually patched last night actually, https://github.com/PHPFusion/PHPFusio...c7abc9f241
Syncing it all up atm.

So 3500*3 ( Boxes ) on 60k users?, No thank you! That would kill our DB.
But if a user want it, they are free to change setting in Admin. It is all optional.

We try to be on top of every little thing here. Terminology is easy enough to adjust for each preference under locale. You are indeed 100% correct, should be named Delete Messages/Delete Selected Messages. We have a lot of fine tuning to do on v9 still. Core is super stable and the adjustment have just started for minor stuff.

I am off to reply to your PM, Might even patch Messages with a new Template today.

Thank you for your strong passion tho!
Edited by Falk on 10-01-2021 13:17, 8 days ago
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