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Post your desktop

Come on everyone! Press ALT + PNSCR, copy into paint and upload

I've attached my desktop below

(btw, I hope to god that this is not spam...)

- Ian Unruh (kep7) B)
well heres mine ( know it i cant find anything either) :o i think i need to clean it up (again) lol
nice car Digi!!
OK, I'll show you my desktop, but this is very inconvenient, I had to take my computer and everything else off to show it to you.
lol...heres mine...mind you this is before my fresh install i am about to do...i will also be adding a 160 GB hd and upgrading to a total of 2 GB ram... should be done sometime today...

Mine looks cleaner than most lmao...makes me wonder....not how everything ELSE is ususally... :P
Have a MAC? ;)
here is mine
I'm a very clean and tidy person. Can you tell? (Res: 1280x1024 - image saved at 50%). I'm dissapointed in you IE users! Very impressed by how many of you're using Firefox though, great work guys! Firefox, Opera, Mozilla - whatever, just not IE!

Also, get off the MSN bandwagon and use a real IM application such as Trillian, or my much preferred: Miranda IM

Here is my desktop I run 1600X1200, resized the image to 1024*768
as you can tel I have a good taste for woman:D

Another Mac!
Here's mine... it looks a little different than most, because I use Talisman (shell replacement). I change the theme from time to time, but I don't like things cluttering the desktop. I keep the menus hidden most of the time and use hotkeys a lot.
There you go...
@xandra: beautiful wallpaper! Got a link? Or coul you e-mail it, please?

I'll have my desktop in here tonight, I'm now upgrading my "working PC" from SuSE 9.2 to 9.3... ;-)

I envy all those people with Macs!
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