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New Moderation Team
Changes to Moderation/Support team In order to give me some more time with 8, I have done the following changes to the Support Team: MarcusG will be my stand in for some months ahead and as such acting Support Team Leader. Gillette is hereby added...
June 01 2012Members

News in Members

Changes to the Moderation/Supporter Team

Changes to the Moderation/Supporter Team

I do not make changes lightly nor post any news here often, but I feel we owe some recognition to a rising star among us. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: JoiNNN! Not only is he maintaining the winning theme for the Swedish NSS, he is also a polite...
April 04 2012 Members
New Moderators and Supporters

New Moderators and Supporters

Hmm, HAI all PHP-Fusion fanboiz! Seems like we are going to have to put up with Fangree_Craig and Ankur in a more serious manner. We've made them part of the Moderators and Support detail of Staff. They are hereby official members of PHP-Fusion Staff...
April 09 2011 Members
Showcase your Site

Showcase your Site

If you own or operate a PHP-Fusion site and you think it's worthy of our new Showcase, you can now submit a screenshot here or through the Submit Stuff link in the footer. The Showcase will be only for sites that are well constructed, stylish or otherwise...
February 20 2011 Members