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PHPFusion 9 RC 3 Status Report

Due to popluar demand, here is a status report. The RC 3 have already had just a little over 80 public...
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PHPFusion 9 RC 2 Status Report

Quite a few Testers, Developers have stepped up and helped us with error reports, fixes, optimizations...
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PHPFusion 9 GFX Preview

The release of PHPFusion 9 RC is just around the corner. We have stabilized The 9 Core and most of the...
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PHPFusion Coding Standards

We started on a PHPFusion Coding Standards section to avoid some confusion now when we are getting close...
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Version 9 Development Progress

Our Developer team breached 2,000 commits as of 12 hours ago. It is our all time high since the launch...
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Tesseract, Progress Report

The Development on Tesseract have been stable for about 11 months. We are getting close to a Release...
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Development for Tesseract

These are some improvements we wish to make for PHPFusion. Note that this by no means include all improvements...
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Logo competition 2013 have been completed

Congratulations on 1st place Jikaka Congratulations on 2nd place Sunfighter Congratulations on 3d place...
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Logo competition [ Update x2 ]

We have due to popular demand decided to have a PHPFusion V8 logo competition. We hope that this also...
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We will have a Theme Competition!

Greetings! We are preparing the Infrastructure on the 8 site for Themes Submissions and Themes Guidelines,...
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Dev site down

The 8 Development site is currently down. This has been verified by host. Status messages on Host...
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Status report 02 on 8

Greetings! I am confident. Thanks to the wonderful efforts of PMM and his Team of Developers, Craig...
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Recruitment Campaign

Greetings! In a final run towards PHPFusion 8 we would like inform you that you can join us anytime....
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Infusions to be distributed with core - decided

As we promised, the vote we have on the 8 site concludes today and "Forums" have been given an overwhelming...
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Infusions to be distributed with core

Official developers and MT representatives have picked 7 infusions to be distributed with core. As promised,...
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