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3rd party infusion exploits

Recently several community users websites have been hacked, from what we can tell this is not due to...
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PHP Fusion - New BugTracker

Digitanium has created a new custom bugtracker for us here at PHP Fusion so we dont need to use a 3rd...
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Mantis Bug Tracker

Along with the release of the helpdesk system we are proud to announce the release of the Mantis Bug...
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Service release (6.01.9)

As we prepare to enter the first alpha phase of version 7, today I am releasing an update for version...
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Minor file update

A security team called fixed before hacked.com has recently informed me of a cross site exploit which...
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Couple of minor fixes

This morning I received information about an XSS exploit in the shoutbox. A user can plant malicious...
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Critical update - v6.00.303

Following the recent attack on a number of PHPFusion sites I have been looking for a possible exploit....
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Patch to stop iframe insertion

A patch to stop the insertion of the malicious code in Settings Main is now available for download. All...
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Messages struck by new exploit

A union exploit has been discovered in the $show variable in messages.php. This will only work if your...
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Multiple vulnerabilities in PHPFusion 6

It's another bug hunt day for PHPFusion. I've recently been informed of three exploits, 2 of them major....
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Latest problem with messages.php fixed.

A new concern has been reported in messages.php. This time it's a weakness in the search feature in which...
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Minor forum exploits patch

A few minor exploits have been identified in the forum files index.php, options.php and viewforum.php....
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PHPFusion not MySQL 5 compatible

Once in a while a developer gets punished for programming habits. Well it's just happened to me, and...
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Missing file in 204up

A quick note, whilst updating the 204up patch the file db-backup.php was accidently removed from the...
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Even more v6.00.203 Fixes

A few more issues have been discovered in PHPFusion v6.00.203. I discovered that Tinymce's language filenames...
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