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PHP-Fusion 4.01 code changes Print

In v4.01 of PHP-Fusion a number of significant changes have been made. The most notable change is how array contents are collected, here are two examples of the existing method:

1. $subject = $data[subject];

2. echo "< a href=\"mypage.php?subject_id=$data[subject_id]\">$data[subject]< /a>";

At first glance you may think this is ok, and it does indeed work fine. However if the item between the [square brackets] is for example a predefined php constant then it would cause problems. Array contents should be surrounded by 'single' or "double" quotes, particularly in example 1. Example 2 is theoreticaly sound since the array contents are surround by the echo quotes. However, I recommend that all array contents should follow the first rule (Array contents should be surrounded by 'single' or "double" quotes). Examples:

1. $subject = $data['subject'];

2. echo "< a href='mypage.php?subject_id=".$data['subject_id']."'>".$data['subject']."< /a>";

These rules should be applied to all existing and future mods. You will also notice how I've moved away from using slashed double quotes (\") in favor of the simpler single quotes ('), this is part of the ongoing transition towards html 4.01 standards and cleaner coding. The array changes should improve PHP-Fusion's compatability with other web servers such as IIS.
PHP-Fusion 4.01 code changes