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PHP-Fusion v6.01.1 Released! Print

PHP-Fusion v6.01.1 Released!
June 12 2006
PHP-Fusion v6.01.1 includes a number of new features, security and performance improvements and updates including:-

- Added new security layer to admin panel to prevent outside linking.
- Improved forum attachment upload routines for enhanced security.
- Completed partial rewrite of DB Backup admin panel. Admin must specify their password before backup/restore will process.
- Removed DB Backup Folder option from Misc Settings admin.
- Added $locale array initialisation code to prevent conflict with cookie vars.
- Introduced flood control to shoutbox and forums.
- Created new 'flood_control' database table.
- Added flood_interval field to settings database table.
- Added Flood interval option to Misc Settings admin.
- Added mysql query to footer to remove flood_control rows.
- Added Make this News item sticky option to news admin, allows one news item to remain the top most news item.
- Updated frontend news.php to support sticky news feature.
- Added news_sticky field to news database table.
- Added flood control to comments.
- Added Submit Photo feature.
- Complete Photo Gallery rewrite (uses new database and storage structure).
- - Features:
- - - Albums stored in separate folders (if safe_mode is off)
- - - GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG file support
- - - Album access for user type or group
- - - Thumbnails created without ugly borders
- - - Ratings & comments for each photo
- - - Full image downscaled if bigger than specified photo size with link to original image.
- - - bbcode support in album and photo description.
- Completely rewrote forum attachment upload/download handling.
- Key forum functions added to new forum_functions_include.php include file.
- Added New Posts feature to Latest Active Forum Threads Panel.
- Added Thread email notification option to forum.
- Improved administration settings panels navigation.
- Numerous mysql optimisations for reduced load times.
- Partially rewritten forum for all round server load reduction.
- Updated TinyMCE to version
- Introduced TinyMCE compressor reducing load times by up to 75%.
- New more secure private messages system.

Posted on June 12 2006 under PHPFusion

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