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PHP Fusion - New BugTracker Print

Digitanium has created a new custom bugtracker for us here at PHP Fusion so we dont need to use a 3rd party application and it integrates fairly nicely with the site. We have added it to this site for those who wish to test and provide feedback on errors and issues they see in PHP Fusion. We are all human, no-one person is perfect so im sure some will be found here or there! I would also like to mention that it is not just for bugs but also for feature requests! This way we dont need to have several posts asking for the same feature, you can simply search the database for the feature and see if it has already been asked for. If not then you can submit a request or if it has simply add a comment to the submission!

You can access the bugtracker via the URL on the nav bar or by visiting the following URL: http://php-fusion.co.uk/infusions/roadmap/roadmap.php
PHP Fusion - New BugTracker