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PHP-Fusion v7.00.05 upgrade for v7.00.4

It's with pleasure that we announce the present upgrade package for PHP-Fusion v7. This package includes two minor vulnerabilities and a whole bunch of bug fixes and smaller improvements. Most bug fixes were already available through the SVN and, indeed, have already been distributed through some of the later core installation packages. The bug fixes themselves were not distributed in any of the upgrade packages earlier. The whole list of changed files is available in the Read More section.
Please note that we have decided to add a leading '0' to the subversion number. This was done for future consitency in version numbering.

The presently released packages are up to date with the present version of the SVN (1091) and the downloads on SourceForge have been updated.

Upgrading is performed by unzipping the upgrade package, uploading the contents to your webserver and run the upgrade script from Admin Panel -> System Admin -> Upgrade.

PHP-Fusion 7.00.05 Update - for 7.00.4 only (116Kcool.
PHP-Fusion 7.00.05 (2.7 Mcool.

Low level XSS vulnerabilities fixed:

No. bugtracker: latest related SVN: last date: file
#018/021/042/118/124: 1002: 29.09.2008: themes/templates/admin_header_mce.php
#021: 1004: 01.10.2008: themes/templates/admin_header_mce.php
#043: 0978: 27.08.2008: administration/user_groups.php
#046: 0980: 30.08.2008: forum/viewthread.php
#057: 0976: 26.08.2008: administration/updateuser.php
#058: 0974: 26.08.2008: infusions/forum_threads_list_panel/my_posts.php
#058: 0974: 26.08.2008: infusions/forum_threads_list_panel/my_threads.php
#062: 0979: 28.08.2008: photo.php
#071: 0985: 06.09.2008: infusions/shoutbox_panel/shoutbox_archive.php
#071: 0985: 06.09.2008: infusions/shoutbox_panel/shoutbox_panel.php
#074: 0985/0986: 07.09.2008: forum/viewthread.php
#078: 0987: 07.09.2008: administration/infusions.php
#082: 0992/0994: 09.09.2008: administration/user_groups.php
#083: 0995: 11.09.2008: administration/bbcodes.php
#118/124: 1048: 26.11.2008: themes/templates/admin_header.php
#118/124: 1048: 26.11.2008: themes/templates/header.php
#118/124: 1058: 14.12.2008: includes/output_handling_include.php
#132: 1088: 09.01.2009: forum/viewthread.php

Latest related SVN: last date: file: fix
SVN0975: 26.08.2008: includes/user_fields/user_birthdate_include.php: Increased years
SVN0977: 27.08.2008: includes/bbcodes/mp3_bbcode_include.php: Fixed php open tag
SVN0988: 07.09.2008: administration/smileys.php: Change mysql order for current smileys
SVN0991: 09.09.2008: includes/user_fields/user_aim_include.php: Removed indicator images from aim, icq and yahoo fields
SVN0991: 09.09.2008: includes/user_fields/user_icq_include.php: Removed indicator images from aim, icq and yahoo fields
SVN0991: 09.09.2008: includes/user_fields/user_yahoo_include.php: Removed indicator images from aim, icq and yahoo fields
SVN0996: 12.09.2008: includes/bbcodes/code_bbcode_save.php: Tightened script security
SVN0996: 12.09.2008: includes/bbcodes/geshi_bbcode_save.php: Tightened script security
SVN0996: 12.09.2008: includes/bbcodes/php_bbcode_save.php: Tightened script security
SVN0997: 28.08.2008: photo.php: Dropped unnecessary line
SVN0999: 19.09.2008: includes/forum_include.php: bug corrected that prevented correct scaling of square images attached to a forum post
SVN1003: 29.09.2008: includes/buildlist.php: Tweaked image build routines
SVN1005: 03.10.2008: forum/index.php: Fixed search forums form
SVN1007: 06.10.2008: includes/comments_include.php: Added captcha for non registered users
SVN1008: 07.10.2008: administration/submissions.php: deleted orphaned echo resulting in unwanted file name being shown; added action and subject to page title
SVN1009: 07.10.2008: administration/photos.php: added action and photo title to page title
SVN1015: 12.10.2008: news.php: file format changed to default
SVN1015: 12.10.2008: administration/articles.php: file format changed to default
SVN1015: 12.10.2008: administration/news.php: file format changed to default
SVN1021: 18.11.2008: register.php: file format changed to default
SVN1031: 20.11.2008: administration/photoalbums.php: minor layout issues corrected
SVN1038/SVN1039: 24.11.2008: forum/options.php: fixed issue with moderatos overrights
SVN1040: 25.11.2008: administration/index.php: file format changed to default
SVN1041: 25.11.2008: maincore.php: Cleanup #1
SVN1050: 27.11.2008: photogallery.php: file format changed to default
SVN1050: 27.11.2008: administration/settings_misc.php: file format changed to default
SVN1051: 27.11.2008: login.php: Added label for 'Remember me' checkbox
SVN1075: 03.01.2009: images/photoalbum/submissions/index.php: empty index.php added
SVN1085: 09.01.2009: viewpage.php: Fixed bug preventing comments/ratings appearing