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PHP-Fusion v7.01 Release Candidate 2

kneekoo, June 02 2010 — Hello, everyone! After a lot of work, testing and bug fixing, we present you PHP-Fusion v7.01 Release Candidate 2. This package is only meant for people willing to help us with the final inspection of v7.01, which we plan to release as soon as possible, and considering everyone is expecting the final result you should aim for a maximum of two weeks of testing. Just to be safe, do not use this package on a production website unless you backup everything before and you are willing to take responsibility for fixing anything going wrong after the update.

Short list on what's new in PHP-Fusion v7.01:
- session support for user login
- user management system upgrade (temporary ban with reason, anonymize accounts, account cancellation by members etc)
- three types on maintainence levels (Admins/Super Admins/Owner)
- go.php redirector for submitted web links
- SMTP port can be specified inside the admin panel
- user avatar auto resize
- BB code in navigation links
- custom image for news
- download admin page includes file upload form
- custom pages ID now visible in front of it's title in the admin panel's drop down box, for convenience reasons
- blacklist now includes the name of the admin who added the entry + the time stamp
- comments and ratings can be toggled on/off globally from the admin panel
- the visitor counter can be toggled from the admin panel

Report new bugs in: this thread

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