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Latest Goings On

The MT are delighted to announce that Domi is joining it's ranks. He is a long time member from way back and has been an huge fan and supporter of PHP-Fusion for years. Many of you will know him due to his many cool Addons that he's released over the years.
So, please add your welcomes to a very talented guy.

The upcoming v7.02.04 upgrade is going ahead as scheduled for release on the 10th of November. This is mainly a bug fix release but will also incorporate a few minor much needed upgrades. A separate news item will be posted with greater detail shortly. Matonor, PMM and the team have been working hard behind the scenes to get this ready on time.

One of our oldest and (hopefully) wisest members janmol while being a long time member of MT has been unable to be very active in the past. However, he's now in a position to rejoin active management and I'm hoping that he'll help carry some of the load of Project Manager as Deputy PM.

We also had an informal MT/Dev meeting on the 2nd of November. It was a very productive and enthusiastic meeting. Many good points were raised and quite a few new undertakings were agreed. Domi is going to take over the running and maintenance of this site. So, if staff members have any issues in that regard, please contact him. He has also currently putting the finishing touches to an upgrade of the AddonDB. It will be loaded up at the same time when our new theme is launched which we hope will be in a week or two at the most.

In the meantime kneekoo has agreed to fix any outstanding faults with this current temporary theme.

PMM is looking into ways of getting the best out of the Roadmap and Users Voice and to perhaps amalgamate the strengths of each and to make it easier to use for staff and visitors alike. Though, obviously after the v7.02.04 release is out and stable.

I hope to get the Documentation System finished once and for all and will be calling on staff members to help me get it as good as it should be.

There were many other suggestions and ideas which were discussed and hopefully we'll be able to implement some or all of them over time.

Best Wishes,
Project Manager
on behalf of the Management Team