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Latest happenings

The AddonDB will be publically released in a very short while, as soon as I see it working flawlessly.
I have also worked very hard to fix all broken links, forms and other pages that did not work.
The job is not yet completely finished, but we're getting closer.

The license section have along with the rest of the site been reviewed, but there are still some functionality to be added, such as the application system for a certain license which is yet to be presented by KEFF.

The site have also been updated to 7.02.04 along with the Theme which now utilizes the latest comment functions.

PHP-Fusion has always been a team effort, a give and take community created by our very generous founder Nick Jones. I do intend to work with this project in his spirit to the very best of my ability. Anything less is not worth the effort.

I'd like to thank the following people for assisting me in creating the new theme and also contributing with ideas, suggestions and general input of both Theme and AddonDB:

KEFF: Thank you for all design suggestions and the strong moral support and for helping me through the difficulties i had in making up my mind and guiding me to the correct path.
Hobbyman: Thank you for all input and your support this task.
PMM: Thank you for all input and the support given to this.
Matonor: Thank you for input and support to this and the images I use from Venue theme. Also, thank you for being there where I need you!
Homdax: Thank you for input on this, as well as your loyalty and support.
Fangree_Craig: Thank you for showing me the icon pack i use for the header links and your loyal support to this project.
Creatium : Thank you for taking some time to adjust the CSS to be more ready to use.
waxzy : Thank you for paying attention to the errors in the share links that i had in articles section.

All others who have contributed as well. Let's keep in mind that this is a team effort and let's keep it that way, thank you!