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Status report 02 on 8 Print


I am confident. Thanks to the wonderful efforts of PMM and his Team of Developers, Craig and his Infusion Coders, JoiNNN's Teams work with themes and Halissons efforts to gather resources, we may actually have something concrete by Christmas. Now, this is not a promise, it is a careful estimate that we may have a working Beta or even a Release Candidate by the end of December.

Our current status is, approximately, 2 new Themes almost done for launch, a third of the Functions in Core code have been converted to Infusions, and about 40% of the planned Core code rewritten. As confidence grows re-coding stuff, it also picks up speed a bit.

However, we are also making an additional release of version 7: 7.02.06.
Yes I know, calm down, we need to do this. It is mostly security related, we will add no new functionality to PHP-Fusion, but you must do this update. No new locales are needed, but you may of course want to update the version information, if any, if you do locales for us.

Please remember that 7.02.xx will be an upgrade requirement for version 8.

The 7.02.06 release will hopefully be available within 10 days, you will be able to download it via link to Sourceforge. Please be careful with any other download sources.

Remember to sign up for testing or helping out in diffent areas. All constructive efforts are welcome, you know this, right?

/Richard & Christian
Status report 02 on 8