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I am honored and proud to get this responsibility!

I am honored and proud to get this responsibility!Yes for me its a responsibility to manage Nick Jones heritage for us, our users and his family.
For me this responsibility comes with a strong built-in moral compass and guidelines that can not be taught or referred by paragraphs in documents, it must be learned by experience.

I know that some people have their expectations high while others are thinking doh!
This is natural, i am conservative, hopefully you will all learn that I am not conservative in a bad way.

Nick had a concept he called KISS, which equals Keep It Simple Stupid, we all need to remember that in everything we do.

Developers here have a certain responsibility to not go haywire with their codes, that is also why we need to have certain procedures of things which will be clarified soon.

I am very happy to see the progress of V8, the V8 team have done a lot despite the absence of MT and senior developers. We are all to blame.

I will get my self up to date and give my full input once i have seen everything and tested things out.

We all also need to remember that PHPFusion are for the users visiting PHPFusion sites which are chosen by Webmasters all over the world with various degrees of code understanding.

And i will remember that to whom much has been given, much will be expected!

Yours sincerely,
Joakim Falk
AKA Domi
Falk January 22 2013 8,376 Print