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All PHP-Fusion sites will be merged June 1st!

KEFF, May 25 2013 — As a part of our ever continuing efforts to become more efficient we will close the separate Development site June 1st and keep all of our development, support, and all other related issues on this here site, UK Main.
Its our hope that this will bring some synergy effects along with it at the same time as it will strengthen our Team spirit. We have had internal sites for staff, development etc for many years now and it"s time that we try a totally new concept, to keep all stuff under one roof. In short, we need to strengthen our team spirit and we need to focus our attention better and by keeping it all tight and concentrated in one area, we think we will achieve our goals better and faster. Our present way of development has proven to be slow beyond what can be tolerated and also at times errors have slipped between our fingers like sand.

All of the necessary development tools have been migrated to UK Main, those developers that wish to continue participating to develop this software are welcome to move your codes and other stuff to the main site, as some of you already have done. All ready to go.

We will, since it has been a longstanding wish from many of our developers, use Github as our Code Repository instead of the old SVN. It will be a new experience to some of you, but you"re not developers for the good looks, you"ll get the hang of it!

We also welcome new and old, or should I say experienced, developers back to join us in our biggest undertaking so far, to develop V8. We"ll need all the help and cooperation we can get in this major task.

The present Development site will be closed down no later than June 1st, if you wish to contribute to the development starting today, please sign up for it on UK Main.

Also, when everything has been moved and the old development site is closed and the new one is up and running, we will release a major patch, version 7.02.07 and quite a large patch at that.

We have more news up our sleeves, but this will do for today: June 1st all of the action will take place on UK Main.

We bid you all a very warm welcome to join us in developing the finest software there ever was: PHP-Fusion!

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