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Progress information

The theme database update have been completed.

We are now hosting a lot more Themes here in our AddonDB.
Perhaps I was to picky when it comes to some of the choices I made.
However others would say that I was to generous instead.
I would like to think that I managed to find a good spread of styles and designs along with a wide range of colors for as much variety as possible.

I would like to let everyone know that we have about 4k unique visitors with 1-3 million pageviews every day here in main.
This have been a increasing trend for each month the past 16 months.
With that said I hope most people realize that it is worth having your Addons available here on main to get a good spread of them.

If you have a Theme or any other Addon please submit it to our AddonDB and have it on your site, everyone will benefit from this.

I have seen and heard some concerns quite a few times around the community recently.

Some of the concerns that have been voiced is that I am doing things that would seem to not be Tesseract development related.

This seems to be because I finished the eShop Infusion with it´s eShop Theme and I continued with a big task to provide more Themes to our AddonDB.

I would like to take the time to update everyone and to re-assure you, these are not the only things I do nor have done.

Everything that have been done and that are in the process to be completed are connected, it is a multi-stage rocket where one task leads to another.

In order to be truly stable we also need a solid structure, a structure that works and are followed, enforced if you will.

I spend a lot of time to observe and analyze what we have that works and what we have that simply dosen´t work.

If you look around the main page you will notice that it have been updated in many sections and places, sometimes it is more subtle and sometimes it is more profound. It is constantly being fixed and optimized.

One example is the CoC that have had multiple changes that I hope will benefit everyone.

Another example is the Licenses page that have been simplified.

You also have the almost 11 pages Development plan I wrote for next version of PHP-Fusion.
This is a big summary of both community and MT discussions that have been ongoing for a good part of the past years along with mine and Hien´s additional thoughts and ideas on how we can modernize Tesseract.
We simply needed to summarize what you can expect from the next PHP-Fusion version and also the minimum changes that we want to achieve before releasing a news PHP-Fusion version to the public.

These are just a few examples when scratching on the surface of my recent work with PHP-Fusion.

We are working very hard, actually each and every day to make PHP-Fusion better and stable on many levels simultaneously.

Hien have accepted to be the assigned Lead Developer for PHP-Fusion, his strong dedication along with his insight´s are truly admirable and extraordinary.

All the big changes and plans we have seems to be a bit intimidating, it is simply hard to get developers involved on the core level. This is something we have expected.
There are many revolutionary things in the making here.
It is hard for anyone to just get in there at this stage.

I talk with Hien about the development on a daily basis with few exceptions.
I also guide and support him on many levels when he needs it.
We do have a few other developers that comes and contribute every now and then.
We think and hope that more people can get engaged and help with the work for a finalization of the first official Tesseract when we have a stable RC1 out in the open.
No dates mentioned , no promises broken!

I will however let you know that we are fairly close.
It is only a question of getting it all together and stable enough to launch the RC1 with some needed documentation to get people started with all the candy it brings.

More info about the Tesseract status will come shortly.

In general the community reactions and responses have been very positive with the recent changes and updates that have been made and announced.

I think it is safe to say that you can expect some more pleasant surprises around here during this time, stay tuned !

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who have given us positive feedback!