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Status Update & Planned Maintenance

PHP-Fusion Inc have become a approved Domain Registrar by NetEarthOne.

As a part of our planned services together with the PHP-Fusion 9 launch we will sport no less than four DNS servers.

These servers are globally distributed thus providing highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

Naturally, since we now are a registrar, we need to move php-fusion.co.uk to our new control area where we actually own and manage our own domain on a registrar level. On Friday I will initiate this transfer so the site may go down for 24-72h in worst case scenario. Best case scenario no more than a 2-4h glitch.

What does this all mean?.
For us it means that we can offer the whole world affordable Domains with high extension variation options and even Hosting.
A total of 415 Domain extensions is currently supported by us.
We will have hosting locations in Michigan - USA, Singapore - Asia and Amsterdam - Europe.

This is just a preview, naturally we will make Documentation and a better description of our services once it all reaches 100%.

Some free services we offer right now

Free DNS Management, Just register a domain and point it anywhere you want for no additional costs.
Free Theft Protection, We will lock your domains for you.
Free Domain & Email Forwarding Services, You can forward domains and / or emails freely.
Free Copyright Removal License for each Domain you purchase or each primary Hosting Domain you manage via PHP-Fusion.

Status reports

PHP-Fusion 95% stable and completed. Final validations are to be done under Feb.
New Wiki System 100%.

Domain and Hosting Services

Checkout is 100% completed.
Search and Register Available Domains, 100% completed.
Transfer-In-Domains, 100% completed.
Suggest Domain Names Tool, 100% completed.
Hosting Ordering Services, 80% completed.
The Domain Client Management Area with all it´s services is 100% completed.
The Hosting Pack Client Management Area with all it´s services is 90% completed.
The Hosting Pack > Server selection initialized is 80% completed.
The Auto Installation options for PHP-Fusion 7 or 9 is 70% completed.
Agreements, legal documents is 90% completed.

As you understand this have been a major task to complete, however it have been important for us to do it right.
A few screens ( actually very few of the system at a glance , more to come under Documentations later ).

Search for available Domain Names

Suggest Domain Names Tool

Hosting Order Form

Client Portal Domains List quick selection menu

Client Portal Individual Domain Overview with options

Example of a issued certificated, instantly generated and sent upon Domain registration or Hosting order.

Thank you!