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PHP-Fusion 8.00.19 Update Released

Falk, January 19 2019 — We are very happy to offer a solid update for PHP-Fusion 8.0, we call it 8.00.19. (Year & Date).

· Added Securimage 3.
· Added Refresh Panel Order option to panels.
· Added Add New Panel option to panels with manual position input choices that dynamic insert the option to display on all pages when it is a center panel.
· Added a extra Theme to the pack - Ddraig updated to 8 standard.
· Added ?v=filemtime() check on css files, CSS files should now auto reload on updates.

· Changed Database charset from utf8 to utf8mb4 for more popular char support.
· Changed Output handler to Andromeda class fixing a range of issues.
· Changed Admin Theme engine to not use class at all.

· Updated PDO Driver.
· Updated Venus JS.
· Updated .htaccess creation in setup.
· Updated Readme with better instructions.
· Updated Readme with correct links due to main re-structure.
· Updated Contact, no longer require captcha for Admins.
· Updated Headers in a lot of files to correct info.
· Updated Code formatting and standards.
· Updated with some more CSS styles.
· Updated Min. MySQL requirement due to utf8mb4.

· Fixed Gateway.
· Fixed multiple PHP 7.2 warnings.
· Fixed multiple PHP 7.3 warnings.
· Fixed Multilingual system lang switch glitches in the Language Settings Admin.
· Fixed Misc. Issues in installer.
· Fixed MySQLi driver.
· Fixed Atom-8 Theme.
· Fixed Notices on multilingual hotlink hub.
· Fixed Capcha.
· Fixed a occasional/environmental session glitch with secuimage3.
· Fixed Stylo Theme.
· Fixed add_to_jquery.
· Fixed missing footer div in panels admin.
· Fixed Upgrade where panels and custom pages sometimes did not take the defined default table languages leaving content to appear empty.
· Fixed Venus with missing Divs.
· Fixed user_field birth date bug in installer.
· Fixed user_field birth date bug in user_fields.
· Fixed headers already sent issue in redirect function.
· Fixed Missing globals in user_fields class.
· Fixed Misc. typos.

· Replaced index.php in /images, was a leftover from the Fusion Filehandler when it should have been a blank one.
· Removed unnecessary php end tags ?>

Download PHP-Fusion 8.00.19

// PHP-Fusion Development Team

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