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PHPFusion 9.03.90 with support for the blazing fast PHP 8 released

PHPFusion 9.03.90 with support for the blazing fast PHP 8 releasedAndromeda has been tested for over 2 years in many scenarios with a lot of improvements in all Infusions as well as Admin areas.

You can read the initial release notes of Andromeda here

Changes in PHPFusion 9.03.90 since 9.03.80

· PHP 8.0 compatibility

· Fixed XSS
· Fixed allow_php_exe
· Fixed forum
· Fixed themes
· Fixed upgrade issues
· Fixed members search
· Fixed problem where add_to_title() removed the hyphen from title
· Fixed redirect to https
· Fixed HTML in articles
· Fixed password change
· Fixed HTML in banners

· Added Bootstrap 4 support
· Added missing aria-* attributes
· Added support for custom_includes.php, now you can create this file in includes/ if you need to add own functions to the core
· Added support for Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese and Hebrew usernames.
· Added datatables
· Added additional css classes for infusions: articles-filter, blog-filter, downloads-filter, forum-main-index, forum-viewthread, forum-tags, news-last-update
· Added number formatting
· Added Error log options, you can disable it or save logs into file

· Improved gender user field, now you can change field style and allow Unspecified option in your theme
define('UF_GEN_SET', 2); // 0 = just text; 1 = icon + text; 2 = text + image; 3 = just images. Icon = FA5, Image = png
define('UF_GEN_SECRET', FALSE); // Set true to allow Unspecified option

· New forum template, we recommend deleting and re-uploading infusions/forum/templates/ folder
· New site links interface

· Renamed all *.inc files to *.php, we recommend deleting and re-uploading includes/ folder

· Removed unused MySQL driver
· Removed Material and Artemis admin themes
· Removed header_includes.php and footer_includes.php, now your code will remain intact after core update

· Updated PHPMailer to v6.2.0
· Updated Bootstrap Fileinput to v5.1.3
· Updated Moment.js to v2.29.1
· Updated Securimage to v3.6.8
· Updated Font Awesome to v5.15.1
· Updated chained.js to v1.0.1
· Updated pwstrength.js to v3.0.9
· Updated TinyMCE to v4.9.11
· Updated holder.js to v2.9.7
· Updated clipboard.js to v2.0.6
· Updated PrismJS to v1.22.0
· Updated Select2 to v3.5.4
· Updated less.php to v1.8.1

Many additional misc. improvements and fixes have been implemented as well.

Download PHPFusion 9.03.90 here

// PHPFusion Development Team
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