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PHP-Fusion X3 RV3 Print

PHP-Fusion X3 RV3
March 29 2004
I'm delighted to announce the release PHP-Fusion X3 RV3. The most notable addition in this release is the much requested Multi-Language feature. Primarily available in English and Danish, PHP-Fusion X3 RV3 is my first true multi-lingual creation made possible only by the broadening user base.

The second key point of PHP-Fusion X3 RV3 is that most, if not all of the quircks discovered in RV2 have been put right. I believe this release has a much more solid foundation on which I can build upon, and I fully intend to keep building on what I now realise is something with great potential.

PHP-Fusion X3 RV3 is available as an upgrade for existing users and as a full installation for new users.

Download PHP-Fusion X3 RV3.

New Features:
• Multi-Language support.

Changes & Fixes:
• Reversed order of Moderator levels for easier management, 0 = Member, 1 = Moderator, 2 = Admin, 3 = Super Admin.
• Typo fixed, Admininistrator corrected to Administrator (also applies to Super Administrator).
• Added missing code to articlecomments.php to display post users name correctly.
• Fixed article comment count increment SQL call
• Fixed some incorrect messages in articles.php.
• Updated the contact.php code and fixed some rendering issues.
• Fixed thread lock function in postedit.php.
• Fixed problem in viewthread.php which failed to remove the quote button from a locked thread.
• Fixed online users code in header.php to show correct amount of guests online.
• Changed the name of the variable $x2_prefix to $phpfusion_prefix.
• Changed the name of definitions x2_root, x2_basedir, x2_themepath and x2_langdir to fusion_root, fusion_basedir, fusion_themedir & fusion_langdir.
• Fixed update success/error message display in editprofile.php
• Adjusted table rendering code on main page of articles.php, downloads.php & weblinks.php
• Reorganised Forum code to make room for future updates.
• Moved Forum information from the Forum title bar to left of Post Reply/Post New Thread buttons.
• Altered titles on Edit Post, Post Reply & Post New Thread pages.
• Sticky threads now only appear on the first page of the Forum.
• Moved Next/Prev bars to top & bottom of View Forum and View Thread Page.
• htmlentities function replaced with new stripinput (custom class) function, this will improve the ability to
support eastern languages such as Chinese better.
• Administrators and Moderators can now unlock any locked threads from Edit Post page.
• Added code to delete Article/News comments relating to any deleted Article or News Item.
• Split classes.php into two files. classes controls compatability & database functions.
• classes2.php controls general functions such as moderator levels, bbcode, smileys & input control functions.
• Fixed bug in viewthread.php to show the correct user who edited any posts.
• Restructured themes innovated, lithium, luna, n-pulse, republic, sunset and x3 to fix minor rendering problems.
• Images in News items no longer disturb the position of the news footer.
• Added code to shoutbox post routine to split words longer than 20 characters by using line breaks.
• Fixed Send PM button in viewthread.php, thanks to phpbuddy for the heads up.
• Changed smiley codes shock:, :p:, :d: & :u: to shock, :p, :d & angry respectively.
• Changed timeoffset column in settings database table from smallint to varchar to fix timezone problems.
• Added dummy index.php files to folders which have no page content, e.g images, includes, avatars etc.
• Added Danish language files produced by Jan Moeldgaard.

More languages will be made available over the next few weeks.
Posted on March 29 2004 under PHPFusion

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