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Minor stripinput function problem Print

I've been reviewing how well the recently introduced stripinput function is performing. As I explained, the main reason for dropping the use of htmlentities (to strip out harmful html from certain elements) was to improve PHP-Fusion's adaptability for Eastern Languages. Work is ongoing to make PHP-Fusion ready for Eastern support, but during work I discovered a very small flaw.

The stripinput function fails to remove unneeded backslashes (that's \ not /), now this isn't really a problem, since stripslashes can override them, but, as I intend to bring in wc3 xml compliancy in the near future I want to address this now rather than later. So i'm working on an emergency patch to remove these unneeded slashes from your database.

Don't Panic! This is not a serious problem, just a minor irk that I personally would prefer to be ironed out.
Minor stripinput function problem