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Atom Theme Engine Framework
Posted by: Chan Posted: 04/05-2013 Assigned To: Chan
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Theme Engine Framework. Introduction of a theme framework, new SDK and API to create a robust cohesive control panel to control outlook of PHP Fusion.

1. Skins:

The old method:

Upload custom theme to theme folder. Go to main settings and set primary theme as custom theme.

New method:

Upload custom theme to infusions/atom/theme. Go to Atom Control Panel and set primary theme as custom theme. Go to Atom Control Panel to adjust the custom theme's properties. Save as a preset, assign the preset to all page, or just specific page. Assign a menu to all page or just specific page.

2. Panels

Old Method:

Go to settings, and create, delete or manage panel positions.

New Method:

Go to Atom Control Panel to create, delete and assign panel to a certain page or all page. In Atom v.2, you can also create, delete and manage panel via the Atom Reactor which is available in the front page. It initiates an edit stance, which will execute raptor editor. It's too much work for me now to go into this. I need a guy with good PHP to code reactor with me later.

3. Navigation

Added some cosmetics and single loop php hierarchy using array output. Basically a mod, and simple to understand. Now, v2 will have editable features such as icons for menu items, and other things which you can find in almost all popular.

4. Showcasing components.

CMS websites mainly only publicizing brands, ads. Showcase items are such as sliders. For compoenents which uses jquery but does not use sql. I.e. UI showcases like nivo sliders, color pickers, selectors, etc

5. Responsive Output

Responsive output for mobile is a main question nowadays, which theme developers will have a hard time encoding them. With Atom, theme developers uses Atom's framework, without need to recreate all over again these outputs.
Configuration is given to the theme developer. Framework rules Atom will be introduced. Just code to fit, and it will work.


For theme developers, SDK will be changed:

Upload these to :
infusions/atom/theme/your_custom_folder (i.e. Ddraig)

locale/English.php - for your language files
panel.php - for your panel design
preset.php - for your preset layout configuration.
panel/css/styles.css - for your opentable and openside design id files

For component developers, SDK is introduced.

Upload these to:



Now visit Atom Control Panel. A on/off and settings function (as accordance to your api field) will be available.

Backwards compatibility:

If infused with Atom, we use new SDK to develop further stuff. If defused Atom, revert to v7 theme functionality. If its to be made official package, its going to be addictive.

Please know that I'm proposing a theme framework. Not theme. Theme is colors, box patterns, with just css. Simple stuff.

I have been at this for almost 2 month. I completed 7 components (3 erased off, 1 replaced with a newer code). Now there is colorpicker, nivoslider, megamenu, and select2 ), 3 main categories (core, theme, controlcp, css).

I'm working towards all stated above. If there is a conflict in your opinion, please state and comment before I waste time coding something that is going to be deleted.


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