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Posted by: Chan Posted: 16/03-2014 Assigned To: Chan
Category: Core Type: Feature Priority: Minor
Version: 8.00 Status:
Set up notifications to notification thread (not PM, since PM goes to support chat) but a system notification page for user. An example of benefit is to let system notify you when someone mentions your name or if someone replied your post, be it comments, ratings, forum post. If someone tags your name like @Your_user_name, you will be notified. If someone replied to you, you will be notified. If someone posted in somewhere that has your name mentioned, you will be notified.

This requires 2 sets of API. 1, a function to be written to just relay the message. 2, a function to capture tags and run regex. Preg_match('@/i', $content); explode results into array. We combine both API in different scenarios and then let function no.1 relay messages that this current id of whatever application has you tagged you and who did that.

This roadmap differs from system admin msg notification baloons pop ups : aka function (notify();) which had been completed to replace admin msg.
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