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V7 - register.php?error=activate
Posted by: Chan Posted: 14/04-2014 Assigned To: No user assigned
Category: Core Type: Tweak Priority: Minor
Version: 8.00 Status:
Doesn't show any information on request - register.php?error=activate, which happens when you fail to activate.

Fix for v8:

Code Gist:

        if (isset($_GET['error']) && ($_GET['error'] == 'activate')) {
echo register_activate_error();

    function register_activate_error()
        global $settings, $locale;
        echo opentable("Sorry but we cannot process your activation.");
        echo "<p>Please verify your activation link is correct and contact the system administrator should the problem persist. Thank you.</p>";
        echo closetable();
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This is just a missing find.