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This function will strip declared BBCodes and their content away from quoted messages.

[intro]The strip_bbcodes() function and $__BBCODE_NOT_QUOTABLE__ array were developed when a bug occurred with the [hide] BBCode. When one of admin wants to hide his message from common members, but wants to send something to other admins, he can put his message into [hide] bbcode. All was fine, but when message was quoted, using the quote feature in the forum, everything appeared and could be read from the quoted text.[/intro]

So if any of bbcode puts itself to the $__BBCODE_NOT_QUOTABLE__ array it will be stripped.

If some_bbcode must be hidden it is declare in some_bbcode_include_var.php => $__BBCODE_NOT_QUOTABLE__[] = "some_bbcode"; then will be auto-stripped by strip_bbcodes() function from quoted message in the forum.


 // The [hidden] BBCode has added it self to the
 // $__BBCODE_NOT_QUOTABLE__ array and will be
 // stripped from the text containing BBCodes
 $text = "This is a text with some bold text
 and a link.
 But we have some [hidden]this text is hidden[/hidden] hidden text.";
 echo strip_bbcodes($text);


The string of text containing bbcodes which will be checked and returned stripped.

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