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Various settings for your News items.

Image link:
Each News category has it's own image and if selected when creating a news item will display in the item itself.
When the image is clicked the default setting [Category] will take the visitor to the News Category page listing all News categories and any news items in each category.
By changing the setting to News items will then bring the visitor to the News item itself, the same as the Read More link under each item.

Image on Front-page:
Choice between using images you can upload for each news item or using News category images in news item.
If select uploaded photo, it will display category image if no image has been uploaded for a particular news item.

Image on Read-more:
For all Extended News items, the Read More link will open the full news item.
This settings allows for the choice between uploaded image or news category image to be displayed.

Image Upload
Thumb Ratio: When you upload an image, the system will automatically create a thumbnail image, [smaller version] to display on the front page [if enabled].
This setting allows for either the original height and width ratio to be maintained or for it to be forced into a square.

Thumb size:
Set the width and height of the thumbnail images.
If original ratio is set, only width will be applied.

Photo size:
Set height and width of full image to be displayed in Read More.

Maximum photo size:
Setting for maximum size (Width x Height) allowed for images to be uploaded. Images larger than this will not upload.

Maximum file size (bytes):
Set the maximum size of uploaded images in bytes.

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