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Upgrading General
The basics of upgrading your site

Upgrading General

Upgrade one PHP-Fusion version at the time

Make a full copy of your site and your database content before doing any actions.
It is good to upgrade one version at the time so you remain in control of what you do.
When doing this, you can not skip even a minor upgrade version, you must upgrade the versions one by one.


If your site is version 9.00.00, and a new 9.00.01 is released, you need to download the PHP-Fusion 9.00.01 Version or the PHP-Fusion 9.00.00 to 9.00.01 upgrade package.

You can download all versions from our Archives

Step Guide

The backup procedure

1 Log in to your site that need an upgrade and click on your Administration link.
2 Click on System Admin
3 Click on the Database Backup Icon
4 In the Backup Options select Backup type from the drop-down menu. On older PHP-Fusion versions you will need to remember to type in your Administrator password and click on the Backup button.
5 Open your FTP program and log in on your server. Select all the files and folders and transfer these to your local computer.

The upgrade process

1 - Translate the new versions additional or changed locales

New locales are often added or changed between versions.
All latest locales are written in English. English is always shipped with the core pack during any release.
It is important to do one of the following things before you start your upgrade process.

a - Download the latest locale pack for your sites locale.
If your language are missing for the latest you can make a new translation of the English locales into your language and place the files in the locale/language, following the same file and folder structure as English.
b - Change the site language into English during the upgrade process - Go into the Site Administration and click on Settings and choose the option Main change the Site Locale to English and click the Save Settings.

2 - The first upload sequence

a - Upload the provided /files/administration/upgrade.php to your hosted /administration/ folder.
b - Upload your new locale files to your hosted /locale/ folder.

3 - Updating the database

Login to your site as Super Administrator. Under the System Admin section of the Admin Panel select Upgrade.
A text snippet letting you know that an Upgrade is available should be displayed.
Below this text there are an Upgrade button, Click this button to Upgrade.
The upgrade process will be completed when you get a confirmation of the action.

4 - Updating the files

Your site is now ready to receive the new files.
All upgrades contains a number of structural changes.
Some sections and functions of your site may not work as intended until you have updated all of your files and folders.
That is why it is important that you overwrite all your files and folders with the files from the upgrade package during this upload.

Your site should now be running on the latest PHP-Fusion version, you can verify this by entering your Administration and see the version number there.

For questions, please visit our Upgrade Support Forum.

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