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A Standard Knowledgebase (FAQ System)


FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions.
PHP-Fusions FAQ system contains an easy to understand Catageory creator for any type of Questions and Answers topics.

First you need to make sure that you have installed the Infusion we call FAQ in your system.


This is done from Administration > System Admin > Infusions > Infuse FAQs

Creating FAQ Categories
FAQ Categories must be created before you can add any Questions and Answers.

These categories can be edited later even if there are content in that category.

Category Name: Your FAQ Topic
Category Description: Description of the Topic
Language: This is the language selection from where this category will be available. Please see Multilingual Content for more information.

Adding FAQs

Question: Enter your common question.
Answer: Enter the answer to the question, You can add some basic formattings to these answers.
Category: Select the Category.

Current FaQs
You can edit or delete your current FAQs and their respective category from here.

The default listing is your category with a questions count.
Once you click on the category name you will be able to see the questions and the options to these.


If your server support mod_rewrite you can enable The FAQ SEO Module in Administration -> System Admin -> Permalinks -> Disabled Permalinks.
This will enable your FAQ Categories to act as the links to the content and it will also make your FAQ very SEO friendly.

For any questions, please visit our Content Administration Forum.

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