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This function will check the captcha which had been submitted. Both the $captchs_encode and $captcha_string will have to mach in order to make the capcha return true. If this function fails, it will output false.



check_captcha ( string $captchs_encode, string $captcha_string )

The encoded captcha which is used to find the correct captcha in the database.

This is the actual value of the captcha. If this matches the value in the database the function will return true.

Return Values
This function will return true if the captcha_string mach the captcha_string stored in the database based on the captchs_encode

Version Description
7.01.00 Function has been removed from the core as Secureimage is more reliable.
7.00.00 Replaced by Secureimage as it is more reliable.
6.01.00 This function was added to the core of PHP-Fusion to prevent bots from submitting information to the site when comments and shoutbox are open for guests to post.

This function has been replaced by Secureimage as of PHP-Fusion v7.00.00 and removed as of PHP-Fusion v7.01.00

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